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New York City Bans Processed Meats In School Lunches

New York City, New York — Kids are notorious for their love of hot dogs, but they won’t get them in New York City schools this year for lunch. Local news reports say the Board of Education will no longer allow processed meats in public school cafeterias following a resolution passed by the New York City Council.

Councilman Fernando Cabrera is a Bronx Democrat who sponsored the resolution. “We’re talking about hot dogs, we’re talking about cold cuts, and we’re talking about any processed meats,” he says. Salami and cheese sandwiches are no longer on the menu, as well as bologna and cheese sandwiches, cheese and turkey ham sandwiches, and pre-sliced Canadian turkey bacon and turkey ham.

The Board of Education says it banned the meats that are defined by the World Health Organization as “processed.” The city has already stopped serving any meat products on Mondays, which Mayor Bill de Blasio says is a way to help reduce greenhouse gasses.

This article originally appeared on the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network