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Reclaiming pasture space this fall allows grasses to repair

IARN — Fall schedules can fill up rather quickly. One project you do not want to put off this fall is pasture management.

“Start 2021 off on the right foot” by controlling weed species and enhancing soil fertility this fall.

Pasture conditions appear “overgrazed,” according to Scott Flynn, Corteva Range & Pasture zonal biology leader.

Dry conditions, induced by infrequent rainfall, had cattle “chewing pastures down,” which then allowed for the introduction of annual grasses. Flynn encourages producers to “reclaim pasture space” by focusing on weed control and soil fertility this fall.

“The fall is a good time to get control of certain biennial weeds. Ones that people are familiar with are: Musk thistle, bull thistle, and common mullein. Then there are perennial plants we can control as well,” Flynn says. “If we have good, green, healthy plants, (which) you will start to see more (of) in the next few weeks, go out there and treat them.”

Corteva’s Range & Pasture Division features several effective weed control options, such as DuraCor. Flynn says, “DuraCor offers the best bang for your buck, heading into fall.”

“DuraCor is a new herbicide. It has good activity on broadleaf weeds,” Flynn says. “One thing that separates it from the rest of the products is that it allows us to control species like wild parsnip, poison hemlock, and wild carrot. Folks in Iowa have watched those species explode over the past few years. They have become common, especially on our roadsides and are creeping into our pastures. That particular product has a very broad spectrum. We can control our thistle species, plantain species, and carrot species.”

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Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.

Photo courtesy of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

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