First Reformed Church

Position: Campus Custodian

Time, Benefits, Mileage: Full-time (40hrs./wk.) position, and health insurance stipend

Schedule: Daily (Sun.-Fri.) and as needed Saturdays

Supervisor: Senior Pastor

Purpose: Providing support to the worship, outreach, discipleship and care ministries of First Reformed Church to build God’s kingdom one life at a time.

Commitment and belief in Jesus Christ:
Close personal relationship with Jesus Christ
Believe that Jesus is both Lord and Savior and died for our sins and rose again
Believe in the infallibility of the Bible
Believe the points of doctrine outlined in the Apostle’s Creed

A documented track record previous successful employment
Prior experience of working well with people

A desire to see people know, love, serve, and grow in Jesus Christ
A documented high degree of honesty, integrity, and professionalism with the ability to garner the respect of others
A motivated self-starter
A demonstrated friendly, courteous, and Christ-like attitude and action

1. Check all restrooms daily and keep them thoroughly clean.
2. During events be at the ready to unplug toilets, mop floors and clean counters for any unexpected mess.

1. Clean and care for all floors.
2. Keep washable floors mopped and polished as needed.
3. Keep carpets vacuumed as necessary and shampooed twice a year.
4. Carpets should be vacuumed after all events.
5. Vacuum entry rugs weekly and wash as needed.

First Reformed Church, Sheldon, Iowa Custodian Job Description

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