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Sioux City Man Injured In Fireworks Accident North Of Sheldon

Sheldon, Iowa — A Sioux City man was injured Sunday afternoon in a fireworks accident north of Sheldon.

At 3:24 Sunday afternoon the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call from
a male subject that reported a firecracker blew up in his face, and that he was on a level “B” road
just off Highway 60.

According to the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office a Sheldon Police Officer responded to 4850 270th Street, where he found 27 year-old, Shaun Michael Arispe of Sioux City to be the only person on the level “B” road.

Arispe reportedly stated that he was setting off fireworks when one exploded in his face causing him injury. The Sheldon Community Ambulance Team transported Arispe to the Sanford Sheldon Medical Center for treatment of his injuries.

Authorities say an O’Brien County Sheriff’s Deputy also responded, and met with Arispe at the hospital. The Deputy reportedly issued a summons to appear to Arispe for lighting a large consumer firework on the level “B” road, outside the legal dates to use fireworks, a simple misdemeanor. Consumer fireworks are allowed to be used in Iowa only during the period of June 1st until July 8th, and December 10th to January 3rd each year.

The deputy states in the issued summons that Arispe lit fireworks that exploded in his face causing him temporary blindness and facial injury.

Arispe was cited into O’Brien County Magistrate Court on September 11th. 

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