911 Dispatchers Honored During Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

Northwest Iowa — This week is set aside to recognize and remember the people that answer the phone when you call 911.

Nate Huizenga is the chief deputy at the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office in Orange City. He tells us about “Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.”

(as said:)”Every Spring in April, they set aside a week to recognize the people who answer the 9-1-1 calls and dispatch your Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement.”

Huizenga says 911 operators and dispatchers are essential.

(as said:)”Every emergency call that comes in no matter what it is — EMS, Fire, or Law — the dispatchers handle it. They are an important cog and kind of the front lines that you don’t always see; but they’re always there giving direction to the caller and to the emergency responders. Probably the most vital portion of our emergency services. Without them, the system would not work.”

According to Huizenga, a number of people fill the role in their office.

(as said:)”We have seven full-time and we have about four part-time dispatchers. Most of the time we have two dispatchers working during the busiest hours. There’s a few hours in the early morning hours and late nights that we don’t — that we have one. Primarily we try to have two operators in our Comm Center most of the time.”

We at KIWA want to thank all the 911 dispatchers in our area. We appreciate them for all that they do.