Ag Partners Announces 7.2 Million Dollar Expansion in Sheldon

Ag PartnersSheldon, Iowa – Ag Partners has announced a major expansion in Sheldon at their North feed mill location. This expansion will substantially increase the facility’s ability to make a pelleted feed product.

Phase 1 is a $7.2 million expansion that will include the addition of a 140-foot pellet mill tower, one 60-ton per hour pellet line, and a six-ton mixer. This will increase total capacity to 600,000 tons of meal feed annually and 300,000 tons of pellets. This expansion will meet the increased demands in the marketplace as the demands for a premium pelleted product have grown.

The structure is designed with the ability to complete Phase 2 at a minimal cost. The structure will include sufficient space to install a second 60-ton per hour pellet line, increasing total pellet capacity to 600,000 tons. This second phase will be considered at a future date as business growth warrants.

This project will not impact Ag Partners’ ability to service their feed customers during construction as both locations will remain fully operational during the expansion.

“We are excited to make this announcement,” said Scott Lovin, Vice-President of Feed. “ Ag Partners is always looking ahead to ensure we can meet the needs of our customers today and in the future, and this project will provide additional capacity for the customers we serve out of our Sheldon location. We anticipate moving to Phase II quickly based on the demand we are seeing in our market area, which will very likely create the need for additional employees.”

Construction on this project will begin immediately, and is slated to be in operation by January 2016.



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