Anhydrous Release In Archer Causes Tense Moments

Archer, Iowa — There were some tense moments on Wednesday when an anhydrous ammonia release happened in Archer.

According to Archer Fire Chief Don De Boer, the Archer Fire Department was called about 5:00 p.m. to Archer Coop Grain. He says they arrived to find that a small pressure relief valve was releasing anhydrous into the air. He says that anhydrous ammonia seeks water, so they sprayed some water on it to reduce the hazard.

De Boer tells us that they then turned some valves and the pressure lessened. Then Archer Coop Grain employees filled some nurse tanks to lower the volume in the tank. He says that they planned on replacing the relief valve on Thursday.

He says that because the wind was from a favorable direction, the gas wasn’t headed for occupied buildings or people, so they didn’t have to block any roads or evacuate anyone.

He says firefighters assisted on the scene for about an hour and a half.


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