Another Train Derails Near Ritter



derail_submittedRitter, Iowa — Another train has derailed at Ritter.

A tanker car and some grain cars are on their sides near old Highway 60. There is not thought to be any hazard to people in the area at this time, and no injuries have been reported.

Union Pacific spokesperson Raquel Espinoza says that 19 cars derailed from a southbound train about 2:35 this morning (2/28).  She says  four cars released soybean oil and three released soybean meal, all of which will be picked up.  No cars contained hazardous materials. She says they have secured the area and crews are on-site doing cleanup.  Espinoza says they don’t have a timeline yet for how long cleanup will take.  She says that although there is a vacuum truck there with hazardous material logos on it, it is just there because the vacuum truck is the easiest and safest way to pick up the soybean oil and soybean meal.

The O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office reports that  Northwest Boulevard (Old Highway 60) from Nest Avenue south to 300th Street is closed until further notice.  Also, we are being told that B14 — also called 280th Street — is closed as the train is blocking the intersection at Ritter.

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