April 2021 Slightly Cooler And Drier Than Normal

Sheldon, Iowa — April’s weather was a little cooler and drier that normal this year.

The average high temperature in April this year was 56-degrees, which is just 2 degrees cooler than the normal high of 58. Our average low temperature was 29 degrees, some 6 degrees cooler than the normal 35 degree low.

Our warmest temperature in April was recorded an April 6th and again on April 7th, when the mercury climbed to 82 degrees each day. Our coolest temperature was recorded on April 1st, when we recorded a low of a bracing 10 degrees.

We saw 2.15-inches of precipitation fall into the rain gauge during April 2021, some 0.32-inches less than a normal April precipitation level of 2.46-inches. We also received 0.35-inches of snow this April, more than one-and-one-half inches below the normal April, when we’d see 1.9-inches of snow.

Weather statistics for Sheldon are recorded by KIWA’s Larry Ahrens, the National Weather Service Official Weather Observer for Sheldon.

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