UPDATE: Area Employer’s W2 Forms Compromised

quatro logo 10-29-12

Orange City, Iowa — A few days ago we told you that according to the Orange City Police Department, an Orange City employer had been hacked. We now have information from that employer that says that’s not exactly accurate.

Joe Ivy, Quatro Composites’ Executive Vice President of Operations says that while they were a victim of Internet crime, it was not a hack into their computer network, but rather the same type of “phishing” scheme that affected Northwestern College that compromised Quatro’s employees’ W2 forms.

Ivy tells us what steps they took when they realized what had happened.

Ivy says they’ve been working with their employees to help them through the situation.

According to Ivy, 290 employees and former employees were affected. He says they’re assisting people if they have any problems.

Ivy says they’re sorry for the issues this has caused.

He says that while the person who sent out the W2 forms made an honest mistake, the matter is under personnel review at this time.


Original Story:

Orange City, Iowa — An Orange City employer has apparently been hacked.

Orange City Police Chief Jim Pottebaum says his office was contacted and was told that the computer network at Quatro Composites, a manufacturing firm in Orange City, had been hacked. Pottebaum says he was told that some W2 forms, which include social security numbers and other sensitive information had been compromised.

Pottebaum says that since the alleged crime involved the Internet and private federal documents, he advised the caller to contact the Iowa Attorney General’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We at KIWA contacted the Attorney General’s Office, who didn’t have any comments except to note that their office prosecutes cases, but does not investigate them. Our calls to the FBI and the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation were not returned. We also tried to contact Quatro Composites’ Human Resources Manager, who also did not return our calls.

In a related story, Liberty Hall Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused exclusively on investments in businesses serving the global aerospace and defense industry, announced recently the acquisition of Quatro Composites, L.L.C.

Liberty Hall says Quatro is a leading supplier of highly-engineered advanced composite structures, components, and assemblies for the aerospace industry. They tell us that Quatro will be integrated into AIM Aerospace Corporation, a leading, independent supplier of composite ducting, substructural and interior parts for the commercial aerospace industry.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.