Bill On Gender-Specific School Bathroom Policy Heads To Governor

Des Moines, Iowa — A bill that’s on its way to Governor Kim Reynolds would require that students in Iowa K-12 schools use bathrooms and locker rooms designated for the gender on their birth certificate.

After a sometimes contentious debate the bill, SF482, passed with 57 House Republicans voting for the measure. Five Republicans and all Democrats present voted against it. Representative Steven Holt, a Republican from Denison, says he’s heard from countless parents who’ve expressed support for the measure.

House Democratic Leader Jennifer Konfrst of Windsor Heights says the policy is unnecessary.

Other Democrats like Representative Austin Baeth of Des Moines say the bill is an attack on an already marginalized group of kids.

Holt says nothing in the bill would prevent students from urinating, as it calls for schools to make other restrooms available to transgender students.

The bill passed the Senate on March 7th with the support of 33 Republicans. All Democrats in the Senate opposed it.