Blood Banks Thankful For Donors Who Continued To Give During Pandemic

St Paul, Minnesota — Throughout the pandemic, Iowans continued to give the gift of life through blood donations.

American Red Cross spokeswoman Sue Thesenga says it’s gratifying to see how donors have consistently given hundreds of pints, typically from behind masks.

For the million-plus Iowans who’ve gotten a COVID-19 vaccination in recent weeks, Thesenga says they’re still eligible to give blood.

Thesenga says donors will be asked which shot they received — Moderna, Pizer, or Johnson & Johnson. Donors know the importance of their actions, she says, and how they’re helping to save lives.

Summer is a challenging season to collect blood as people are busy getting outdoors and vacationing. She assures, giving blood is easy and typically takes less than an hour from your day, while the actual blood donation only lasts five to ten minutes.

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