Boat Registrations Expired Saturday — Did You Renew?

Statewide Iowa — Iowans who own boats are being warned to check their state registration stickers on the hull before they go out boating, as the old batch of stickers all expired on Saturday.

Nate Carr, an Iowa DNR conservation officer, says if you haven’t renewed your registration, you might get a friendly reminder from the DNR Lake Patrol.

Before you hit the open water, Carr suggests making sure key safety equipment is on board.

The list of safety equipment also includes a fire extinguisher. National Boat Safety Week is May 21 to 27. Find more tips at

By the way, just for clarification purposes, while boat registration is done through your county recorder’s office, boat TRAILER registration works just like motor vehicle registration, is due every year in the owner’s birth month, and is done through your county TREASURER’s office.

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