Choot ‘Em Boudreaux

Sheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon man had a once-in-a-lifetime experience last weekend when he and a friend from Indianapolis traveled to Pierre Part, Louisiana to go alligator hunting with the ‘King of the Swamp’.

King Hickman says he and his friend, Ken Zanzalari of Indianapolis went alligator hunting with ‘King of the Swamp’ Troy Landry of the History Channel’s Swamp People series. Hickman told us how the trip came about.

He says the hunt itself was pretty much the same as you see on TV when you watch Swamp People.

HIckman says he and his friend alternated on the line and the gun, but he says one of the biggest challenges was trying to load the lifeless alligators from the water into the boat.

He says the biggest alligator they caught that day was slightly less than 12 feet long.

Hickman says the experience was a one-day hunt.

He says one of the most fun parts of the entire trip came AFTER the hunt.

Hickman says the trip was even more fun than he had expected it to be. Mainly, he says, because all the people with whom they came into contact were very friendly.

He says Troy Landry had told Hickman and his friends that he wouldn’t be able to remember their first names, so he renamed Hickman “Boudreaux”, and his buddy Ken “Thibodeaux.” Hickman said he learned later that the names Boudreaux and Thibodeaux are to cajun jokes, what Ole and Sven are to Norwegian jokes.

Below are a few images of Hickman’s Alligator Hunt……………

Boudreaux & Thibodeaux pose with a pair of monster alligators


King “Boudreaux” Hickman & Ken “Thibodeaux” Zanzalari with “Swamp Person” Terral Evans

The day’s catch

Jacob & Troy Landry pose with gator

‘King of the Swamp’ Troy Landry reloads his rifle

‘King of the Swamp’ Troy Landry with King “Boudreaux” Hickman

Pictured L to R: Troy Landry, “Boudreaux” Hickman, Ken “Thibodeaux” Zanzalari, Jacob Landry

Photos courtesy of King Hickman


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