Confluence Of Flu Season & Holiday Travel Season Increases Chances Of Illness.

Northwest Iowa — Many northwest Iowans will be headed for Thanksgiving trips next week, and some forecasts predict this flu season will be more severe than last year. Dr. Deborah Mulligan, Chief Medical Affairs Officer of telehealth provider M-D Live, says the convergence of flu season and holiday travel season increases your chances of getting sick, especially if you’ll be flying to your holiday destination.

While many frequent fliers fear being seated next to sick strangers, Mulligan says air travel is fraught with chances for catching a bug.

If you do get sick, medical professionals advise you to not return to work or school until you’re feeling better to avoid spread of the flu virus.

Officials with the Iowa Department of Public Health also advise that you get a flu shot in order to lessen the severity of the illness, or avoid it altogether.

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