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Cool Weather Is Finally Here, But For How Long?

Sheldon, Iowa — Cooler temperatures hit Sheldon last week, and it was a more than welcome change from the incredible heat experienced before that now, this week, it looks like moderate temperatures is what Sheldon residents should expect for this week.

A meteorologist at the National Weather Service in South Dakota, Brad Temeyer, gives the details on why there was such a significant cool off.

(as said) “Basically we had a cold front move through the area, and so a different air mass has kind of worked it’s way into the region, much cooler obviously then what we had before.” 

Temeyer then gives an idea of what to expect of this weather for the rest of the week.

(as said) “And that kind of what were gonna see this week as well. Mainly dry conditions, but we’ll see a warm up through mid-week, and then we’ll have another cold front kind of work it’s way through the area on Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday evening and, behind that cold front, temperatures will cool back off into similar levels of what we are seeing today.”

Humidity for the week will reportedly remain dry for most of the week, according to Temeyer.

(as said) “For the most part, dew points are gonna be a little bit drier then what we’ve seen. So the first half of the week, we’re generally looking at dew points in the forties or fifties, so it should remain fairly dry. Once we get out towards the latter portion of the week, there might be a little bit more moisture trying to work its way into the region, say towards Saturday time frame, but until then — and that’s where dew points would creep back up into the fifties, and maybe even lower sixties — but until then it looks fairly dry.”

Temeyer then concludes by telling how these temperatures will transition to the week to come.

(as said) “There is some signs though (that) we might be in for significant cool-down next week sometime, and, when that occurs, we could see temperatures were highs would be much cooler than normal.

Whatever the weather may bring, soon enough temperatures will cool down significantly for the fast coming fall season.

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