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Coop Oil Truck Stop Project Proceeding ‘Hot & Heavy”

Sheldon, Iowa — Construction of the new Coop Oil truck stop, which will be located at the northeast corner of the Highway 18 and 60 junction in east Sheldon, is progressing nicely, according to Sheldon Development Coordinator Curt Strouth.

Strouth says it’s exciting to see that the project is moving “hot and heavy” at this point.

(As above) “It’s exciting to see. As you drive out there now, you’ve been seeing a lot of dirt work, you’re seeing a lot of paving of Crossroads North Drive going in to provide access to the new development. It’s exciting because, after a couple years of planning and implementation, and working with the Department of Transportation, and doing some traffic studies. After the long, drawn-out process that the city government requires of us, it’s great to see that we’re moving hot and heavy right now.”

Strouth says that, even now while the infrastructure construction is in progress, Coop Oil has already begun construction on their truck stop building.

(As above) “The building is going. If you drive out there now, and drive the expressway, going north or south through Sheldon, you’ll see that there are some exterior walls already going up on the Coop project. Over the past 30 to 45 days Coop has actually had access to their lot, which has been great. Vander Pol Excavating has helped provide that access for them so we didn’t delay their project. So the construction on the Coop project is ongoing. If you drive out there and look, you’ll see that.  And then, Vander Pol Excavating, we hope to be finishing up their infrastructure portion of their project very soon, weather permitting.”

He says the Coop Truck Stop project is different than any other project with which he has ever been involved.

(As above) “It’s exciting for Sheldon! When we acquired that ground of couple of years ago…..the process of it was unlike any project I’ve ever been affiliated with, or even the representatives probably, with the City……just with the timing and the way things had to go down with a new development like that on a state highway.”

Strouth says Coop hopes to have the construction of the new truck stop completed by this fall, weather permitting.

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