Council Set To Loosen Up Employee Residency Requirements

Sheldon, Iowa — When the Sheldon City Council meets this Wednesday (July 1st), they’ll address a resolution changing the requirement that public works and public safety  employees must live in the city limits. The requirement has proven to be a stumbling block when trying to hire new employees. The proposed resolution would require public works personnel to live within three-and-a-half miles of City Hall. Police department personnel would be required to live within 25 miles of City Hall, with the exception of the Police Chief, who would be required to live within three-and-a-half miles of City Hall. The City Manager would have to live within two miles of the City Limits.

In other business, the council will hold a public hearing on the authorization of General Obligation Capital Loan Notes in an amount not to exceed 2.5 million dollars. These 30-day bonds would be paid off with cash the City has on hand, and the bond proceeds would be used for several street improvement projects.  The council will also act on a resolution approving amendments concerning the former Sunset Motel and adjacent mobile home park.

There will also be a public hearing requested by Kevin Crafton.  In April his home at 1320 South 3rd Avenue was destroyed by fire, and was uninsured. A notice from the City requires Crafton to remove the structure and debris by August 5th. The property is zoned Commercial Residential and a new trailer may be moved in for up to one year from the date of the fire.  Crafton is appealing the notice from the city because he has expressed a desire to fix up the current trailer.

And, the council is expected give their okay to a Sanford Sheldon parade on July 8th and street closures for Crazy Days on July 15th. They’ll confirm the reappointment of Terry Braaksma to the Board of Adjustment, Lee Stover to the Parks and Recreation Board and reappoint Rachel Becker to that board, as well.

Wednesday’s City Council meeting begins at 4:30 in the upper level of the Sheldon Community Services Center.



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