Council To Accept Winning Bid For Crossroads North Infrastructure

Sheldon, Iowa — When the Sheldon City Council meets in regular session Wednesday they’ll hold a pair of public hearings.

The first will be on Phase II of the Crossroads North infrastructure bids. Bid opening was held earlier this month. Following the public hearing the Council is expected to award the bid for that project. The second public hearing will be on the issuance of general obligation loan notes to finance the purchase of a new Aerial ladder truck for the Sheldon Fire Company to replace their old unit that was totaled in a collision last spring. The Council is also expected to pass a resolution to issue $2.5 million in general obligation loan notes for street repair.

Part of the Council’s Consent Agenda for this meeting are: the appointments of Teri Elgersma and Jason Bork, along with the reappointment of Robbie Christians to the Rec Trails Committee; the appointment of Thelma De Kok and reappointment of Millie Vos to the Library Board of Trustees; the appointment of Dustin Remme and Bill Boscaljon to the Crossroads Pavilion Board; and the approval of Pay Request #3 for the 2021 Street Improvement project, in the amount of $451,048. The Consent Agenda is designed to allow the Council to dispense with multiple agenda items by casting just one vote.

Wednesday’s meeting of the Sheldon City Council will be held in Council Chambers at the Sheldon Community Services Center and will be called to order at 4:30 pm. The meetings are open to the public, either in-person or online, via Zoom, by CLICKING HERE.

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