“Do Good December” Hosted By The Sheldon Public Library

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Public Library is attempting to get children into the Christmas spirit with a month-long event called “Do Good December”.

Starting on December 1st, Do Good December is an event that tasks kids with completing ten good deeds, the deeds range from a variety of activities, and Annie McCabe, the youth services librarian at the Sheldon Public Library, tells us a few of them.

(as said) “Help make a meal, hold the door for someone with full hands, call a special person in your life just to say hello, make a bird feeder out of pinecones, peanut butter, and seed, or pick up a neighbor’s newspaper and move it to their front step. They’re all kind of very little very doable things that don’t take much time but really spread the Christmas spirit,” explains McCabe. 

Once ten or more tasks are completed, participants will earn books and their name will be entered to win a grand prize of a movie basket. McCabe says that this event is being hosted so the library can continue to serve the community even in the midst of the pandemic.

(as said) “It’s harder to have people in the library right now and so we are always looking for a way to reach out into the community and provide services when we can’t really be the community space that we would like to be.”

For anyone interested in participating in this event there are a couple of ways to get involved. Residents can download the forum off of the library’s website at or people can call the library at (712) 324-2442 and ask to do a curbside pickup of the form, they can also call the library if they have any more questions. McCabe also says to check out the library’s Facebook page.

“Do Good December” and, everything pertaining to it, starts Tuesday, December 1st.

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