Eleven Bidders Vie For Sheldon Crossing Project

community services center 300pxSheldon, Iowa — A total of eleven contractors submitted bids for the Sheldon Crossing Project, with a South Sioux City firm producing the lowest  bid.    The bids ranged from a little over 1.8 million dollars to 2.4 million dollars with the lowest bid coming from the D.A. Davis Company of South Sioux City.  The engineer’s estimate had been 2.4 million.   Pat Bickett representing the Schlotfeldt  Engineering firm told the council that they had not worked with the Davis Company, but he had received a good report on the work they have done in Sioux City.  Work on the sanitary sewer system as well as the watermain and storm sewer connections to Country Club Road and Highway  18 must be completed no later than October 30th of this year.   The rest of the work on the new residential development must be completed by July 1, 2014.

The council also approved a proposal for engineering services for repainting the interior of the City’s water tower.  The proposal by DGR Engineering covers specifications, bidding services, and construction services.  City Public Works Director Todd Uhl told the council he had hoped to delay the project for a few years, but after the results of the last inspection of the tower it was decided to proceed sooner than they had planned.  The work will consist of a complete blasting of the interior surface, followed by a new coating.  This could take place this Fall or next Spring.  During the work, the tower would be out of use for at least three weeks and water pressure would have to be maintained with the water plant’s pumps.

Speaking of water Uhl said they have been unable to depend on an adequate supply from the shallow wells.  He pointed out that while Sheldon has an average of 29 inches of precipitation per year, we have only received 21 inches in 2011 and 19 inches in 2012.  This has resulted in a shortage of over ten inches during the past thirty months.  Therefore the ‘Water Watch’ will remain in place.  This is a voluntary program to eliminate any type of unnecessary use of water.   If the public does not cooperate by reducing the use of water, and rainfall remains scarce, the City could take the next step which would make the program mandatory.

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