Ernst: House GOP Failure To Elect A Speaker ‘Frustrating’

Glenwood, Iowa — Republican U.S. Senator Joni Ernst says failure of US House Republicans to elect a House Speaker could be sending the wrong message to foreign adversaries.

Ernst, who is part of the Senate’s GOP leadership team, says the situation in the House is frustrating, but will be resolved.

Ernst made her comments¬† after a town hall meeting in Glenwood, Iowa on January 5th. Iowa’s other U.S. Senator, Republican Chuck Grassley, has not commented on the stalemate over the speaker’s election in the House. Congressman Randy Feenstra from Hull, the Republican representing Iowa’s fourth congressional district, has issued a written statement on the impasse. Feenstra says the days-long delay in organizing the House for action helps Democrats block the GOP’s conservative agenda.

The entire broadcast area in the state of Iowa is in the fourth congressional district, represented by Congressman Feenstra.