Error Leads To Wrong Numbers Reported In Iowa For Monday Powerball Drawing

Clive, Iowa — The spokesperson for the Iowa Lottery says a human error caused them to incorrectly report the winning numbers for Monday’s Powerball drawing.

The Lottery’s Mary Neubauer says it was a problem only in Iowa as the drawing results were entered into the computer system.

The winning number from the Double Play drawing were apparently incorrectly entered for Powerball. Once the problem was discovered they had to put in the proper numbers to send them out to all the lottery terminals and self service kiosks in the state.

Neubauer says Neubauer says the good news is the incorrect results were only available on the Lottery system from about 12:30 a.m. until 7:15 a.m. She says that kept the number of tickets cashed with the incorrect numbers low.

Neubauer says they are still trying to figure out that number. She says they want to hear from people who have a concern.

Neubauer says they do their best to ensure there are no issues, but as long as there are human beings involved in any process, there can occasionally be mistakes made.

Neubauer says the last time there was an incorrect inputting of numbers was in 2016. She says the prizes won under the correct numbers ranged from 44 dollars up to 200 dollars. While the prize range for the incorrect numbers ranged from four dollars up to 200 dollars.



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