Event/Convention Center Still A Priority For New Sheldon Park

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Community Park Planning Committee has re-affirmed their consideration of an Events/Convention Center as their top priority for the new community park area New-Sheldon-Signon the east side of the City.

At their meeting Tuesday, Mayor Katricia Meendering reported that a small core group of their committee is having discussions about this project and would like to see that moved on a faster track than the rest of the process. The SCDC, City of Sheldon and the Marketing Committee have agreed to share a portion of the cost of moving forward with more specifics.

The committee also discussed a wide range of other possibilities for the park area. This included a playground, open shelter houses, basketball courts, and sledding hills, as well as an open space area of 5 to 7 acres. The development of the pond is being coordinated with the O’Brien County Conservationist and will be stocked with fish this year.

It was generally agreed that the recreational trails should circle the pond with some access points to the water. Trail features such as shelters, benches and connection with other park amenities were also discussed.

The next meeting of the committee will be set on a date when a representative of RDG Planning and Development can attend.