Extension Pork Conference Offered

Sheldon, Iowa — Iowa pork producers are invited to learn more about disease preparedness, development and implementation of common industry audits, and swine health research at the 2015 Iowa Pork Regional Conference coming up in Sheldon on Monday, February 23rd.
hogs pigs behind hog wire -- from ISU extension
We had a chance to talk to Iowa Swine Field Specialist Dave Stender. He says the day will start out with some optional training for Pork Quality Assurance, or “PQA”.

During the conference, one of the topics will be what Stender calls a “game changer” in the pork industry.

He says they’ll also talk about PEDV — the Porcine Epidemic Diarhea Virus that is a hot topic whenever pork production is discussed.

Stender says that had PEDV caused other countries not to accept American pork for import, this could have been a very serious situation. He says a new extension swine veterinarian will also be introduced.

Stender calls the conference a “must see” for pork producers.

The conference is this coming Monday, February 23rd at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon, Building A. Again, the PQA training starts off the day at 9:30. The conference itself starts at 1 PM.

Contact The Iowa Pork Producers Association at 1-800-372-PORK (7675) to register for the conference and for more information.

There are also conferences planned on Tuesday, Feb. 24th in Carroll; Wednesday, Feb. 25th in Nashua; and Thursday, Feb. 26th in Iowa City.

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