UPDATE: Missing Trucker Found In Sioux Falls

UPDATE: ¬†Sioux Falls, SD — A missing trucker from George, Iowa has been found. According to Lyon County Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep, 60-year-old Curt Kruger of George, who had not been heard from since October 1st, has been found alive and well in Sioux Falls.

Vander Stoep says that a trucker who heard about Kruger took it upon himself to search a truck stop in Sioux Falls, where he found the truck and called the Sheriff’s Office. Vander Stoep says a Lyon County Sheriff’s Deputy was on the way to Sioux Falls on another matter and he was re-directed to contact the occupant of the truck, who did turn out to be Kruger, who was alive and well. The Sheriff says the deputy had Kruger contact his family on the deputy’s cell phone to make sure that they knew he was OK.

The Sheriff says no other information is available as to why Kruger had not been heard from in so long, but he says it’s good news that he was found alive and well and has made contact with his family.


Previous story from 12:00 PM, Monday, November 9th:

George, Iowa — A George man’s family doesn’t know where he is and is concerned about him.
kruger flyer
According to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, Curt Kruger does not exactly meet the criteria for a “missing person” because he’s an adult and no foul play is suspected.

According to information released by the family, 60-year-old Curt Kruger of George has been missing since October 1st of this year. The flyer they released says Kruger is an over-the-road truck driver. He owns and is thought to have been driving a lavender 2007 Peterbilt truck.

The flyer says Kruger was last seen at his house in George. It says he got a jump start for his truck and talked about picking up a load at A & A in Brandon, SD. The family says his semi is not at home, but he never picked up the load.

Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep says one problem they are having is that although it’s not like him, it’s possible Kruger may not want to be found.

Vander Stoep says they have very few leads at this point.

The Sheriff says that while it’s possible that Kruger has had a medical problem, he does not have a history of any medical or psychological problems that would be a concern.

He says that other than the voicemail activity on October 30th, there’s really no new information.

A Facebook page called “Find Curt Kruger” has been set up. That page says the missing truck is a lavender 2007 379 Flat Top Peterbilt with South Dakota plates “PR 27565”. The DOT number is 124871 and the MC number is 108419. DOT records indicate the truck is turquoise blue, but the family says it is lavender in color. Unfortunately, no picture of the truck is available at this time. The information has also been shared on the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network Facebook page.

If you see anything or if you have any information, the family and Sheriff’s Office request that you call the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office at 712-472-8300.

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