FBI Searches Sioux Center Business

Sioux Center, Iowa — Details are sketchy at this time, but FBI agents were in Sioux Center on Monday and Tuesday at the Sioux Automation Company.

The company sells, manufactures, and repairs agricultural equipment such as feed mixers, manure and silage handling equipment, and scale systems.

Sandy Breault, spokeswoman for the FBI’s Omaha bureau says that FBI agents searched Sioux Automation on Monday and Tuesday, but would not comment on the nature of the search, or if anything was found or taken. She also wouldn’t say if any charges had been filed.

We called Sioux Automation CEO Ron Hulshof, and he read from a prepared statement, and said that they had a visit from the Department of Labor Investigative Group. He says company officials feel that this was QUOTE, “a bizarre overreaction to a civil issue.” He says that the company has been working with The Department of Labor for 8 months, cooperating fully. Hulsolf went on to say that they don’t believe they have QUOTE, “done anything to warrant this type of treatment.”

He says they have secured legal counsel. He says their focus remains on understanding, cooperating fully, and caring for their employees, customers, and community as they have for more than 50 years.

He says it’s his understanding that they have not had any charges filed against them and that the investigators were there seeking additional documentation to support the discussion they are having with Sioux Automation.

KIWA Radio has reports that because the building housing Sioux Automation’s administrative offices was locked down on Tuesday — as up to 30 federal agents went through company files — many employees were asked to report to an assembly plant north of Sioux Center.

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