FBI Warns Of New Scam

Northwest Iowa — In recent months we’ve warned you about a variey of scams that are being used to separate trusting people from their hard-earned money. Most of these scams have been perpetrated via telephone, with scammers calling elderly people pretending to be their grandson, saying that they’re in jail out of state and need bail money. Another scam has seen scammers telling their potential victims that they’re calling from the power company, informing them that they’re payment is late, and unless they pay it immediately, with a reloadable debit card. there power will be turned off. Some area residents have even been called by scammers saying they’re from the IRS, and that the potential victim owes back taxes that must be paid immediately, or they’ll be arrested and taken to jail.

All of these scam tactics have been perpetrated over the phone, but now the FBI is warning northwest Iowans about an email scam. FBI Public Affairs Officer Huston Pullen says the messages threaten harm to the email recipient and their family. Pullen says Iowans who receive such an email should report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at the website: IC3.gov.

The email message being sent to Iowans demands they obtain and pay in bitcoin to avoid harm to themselves and their family. Pullen says the FBI has determined there is no threat or validity to these emails and Iowans who get such an email shouldn’t panic and definitely shouldn’t respond to the sender.

Instead of responding, Pullen says it’s critical to report the email to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

In addition to northwest Iowa, Pullen says the scam emails are surfacing across Nebraska, as well.



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