Trump Takes Iowa Caucuses In Landslide

Statewide Iowa — Former President Donald Trump appears to have achieved a landslide victory among Republican candidates for President in the Iowa caucuses held last night. Out of 110,298 votes cast, Trump received over half of them, with 56,260, or 51 percent of the vote.

Not only was that number enough to win the Iowa caucuses, but it was more votes than all other candidates COMBINED. Trump carried every county in the state except for Johnson County, where Nikki Haley appears to have beaten him by one vote.

Ron DeSantis got the second-highest number of votes with 21.2 percent of the total, and Haley got third, with 19.1 percent. Vivek Ramaswamy was a distant fourth, with 7.7 percent. All other candidates received less than one percent of the vote. According to Radio Iowa, Ramaswamy has ended his campaign and has endorsed Trump.

As far as our area, in O’Brien County, Trump took 62.9 percent of the vote. DeSantis had 17.4 percent, Haley had 8.8, Ramaswamy 7.1, and Binkley 3.6 percent. In Osceola County, Trump took 64.4 percent, DeSantis 15.9, Haley 12.2, Ramaswamy 6.4, and Binkley 1.1. In Lyon County, it was Trump with 58.7 percent, DeSantis with 28.2, Haley with 7.4, Ramaswamy with 5.4, and Chris Christie and Ryan Binkley tied with one vote apiece, or 0.1 percent. In Sioux County, Trump got 45.0 percent, DeSantis 31.1, Haley 15.6, Ramaswamy 6.2, Binkley 1.3, Asa Hutchinson 0.7, and “other,” less than 0.1 percent.

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A reminder — while Iowa Democrats held caucuses tonight (Monday), a change at the national level means that Iowa no longer has first-in-the-nation status for Democrats. Iowa Democrats are deciding their presidential preference via mail-in cards. The results of that poll will be announced in March. Cards must be requested by February 19th. Democrats are meeting tonight to discuss party business and elect delegates.


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