Fire Chiefs Ask Citizens To Dig Out Hydrants

Northwest Iowa — Northwest Iowa fire chiefs are asking for a little help.
fire hydrant unsnowed
Several fire chiefs have asked property owners and local citizens to help ensure that when there’s a fire, there’s no time wasted. There are a number of fire hydrants that have been buried with the snow or from the plows pushing the snow back. The fire chiefs say they would appreciate any help with digging out the fire hydrants and making them accessible to firefighters when seconds count.

Of course in an emergency, time is very critical to find and access the hydrants.

Fire chiefs say it takes less than ten minutes to dig out your neighborhood fire hydrant. While ten minutes isn’t very much time out of an average person’s day, it is ten minutes that that could mean tragedy in a fire.

They ask that you dig out a 3-foot area around the hydrant and a path to the street.

The chiefs ask everyone to please take a few moments to dig out the fire hydrant closest to your house or business.