Flooded And Closed O’Brien County Roads

O’Brien County, Iowa — Flooding continues to be a major issue in northwest Iowa. We have received this list from O’Brien County Emergency Management and the O’Brien County Engineer’s Office regarding roads that are closed due to water over the road.

350th Street from Van Buren Avenue to Vine Avenue

Van Buren Avenue from 290th Street to 280th Street

Olive Avenue from 280th Street to 300th Street

280th Street from Tanager Avenue to Taft Avenue

280th Street from Polk Avenue to Redwing Avenue

Yew Avenue from 280th Street to 270th Street

Additional rainfall is expected today, please be careful if you are driving in NW Iowa. Thank you!

Picture courtesy a listener



Red Cross Continues Work in NW Iowa

Northwest Iowa — Three weeks out from devastating floods in northwest Iowa, and recovery continues.  Three weeks out from devastating floods

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