Frigid Weather Means Frozen Pipes: What To Do

Northwest Iowa — With the cold weather we’ve been experiencing, one concern people have is frozen pipes.

Sometimes it’s a mobile home with pipes underneath. Sometimes it’s because a water line was installed too close to an external wall, or there wasn’t enough insulation. Aaron Alons of SP Heating and Cooling tells us some things that help.

Alons says there is also a short-term solution that works pretty well, but it’s not something you’d want to do for an indefinite time.

We asked Alons — what if it’s too late, and you already have a frozen pipe?

In summary, Alons tells us that to keep your pipes from freezing, insulate the area and increase the air movement from the heated portions of your home. And if you do have issues or need some help, call him or another plumber for assistance.

And do be aware. After this shot of cold air, we’re supposed to get some more below-zero weather around Monday night and Tuesday night.

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