Governor Reynolds Visits Sioux Center Health

Sioux Center, Iowa — Governor Kim Reynolds stopped in Sioux Center on Tuesday as she makes her way around the state.

Reynolds visited Sioux Center Health to see the impact of House Study Bill 91, a piece of legislation that had several effects on health care in Iowa.

Reynolds received a tour of the Sioux Center facility Tuesday afternoon while also sitting down with administration from three Northwest Iowa hospitals. During the meeting, administrators showed Reynolds the impact the bill has had on rural health care.

Sioux Center Health’s CEO Cory Nelson says they simply wanted to talk about what some opportunities were in the healthcare field with the individuals that actually impact the policy. He says, “They’ve been such great advocates for us in health care and we want to thank them very much for all that they’ve done so far.” He went on to say, “Ultimately we want to be partners with them moving forward as we develop new policies and as ways to address workforce issues, access to care, and all of those things that impact the quality of life in our rural communities.”

Reynolds and northwest Iowa healthcare administrators were also able to discuss the potential for the future of their partnership.

House Study Bill 91 provides $2 million to pregnancy resource centers; allows Iowans to receive prescription-free birth control from a pharmacy; limits the amount of money Iowans could receive through a medical malpractice lawsuit; offers paid parerntal leave for Iowa state employees; shores up rural health care with a new rural emergency hospital designation and new OB-GYN fellowships.

Courtesy of Community First Broadcasting Station KSOU and media partner KTIV-TV



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