Governor Signs Bill Limiting Auditor’s Access To Some Records

Des Moines, Iowa — Republican Governor Kim Reynolds has signed a bill into law that limits the Iowa state auditor’s ability to access some data, like tax returns or medical records, for audits and investigations.

State Auditor Rob Sand, the only Democrat in statewide elected office, says it’s the worst pro-corruption law in Iowa history. It forbids Sand from going to court to compel reluctant state officials to turn over records. Sand says the mediation process set up in the bill gives the governor the power to block access to information that would expose wrongdoing.

During a recent appearance on Iowa Press on Iowa PBS, Reynolds said executive branch officials should be able to resolve disagreements without going to court. She also said Sand shouldn’t have access to information just because he’s curious about it.

Governor Reynolds signed 67 bills into law yesterday (Thursday), completing action on all the bills that cleared the 2023 Iowa legislature.



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