Governor Speaks Out In Support Of Iowa’s Farmers

Des Moines, Iowa — Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds addressed some farming-related issues in her weekly radio address this week.

Reynolds had a chance to talk to President Donald Trump as Trump visited the state this past week. She says she told him that the $12 billion in farm aid that was recently announced will provide a short-term fix, but it’s not a long-term solution.

Reynolds also testified before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently on behalf of Iowa farmers and in support of a robust Renewable Fuel Standard, or RFS.

She says she testified that the RFS is critical to Iowa farmers, rural communities, and consumers in all four corners of the state. She says she’s proud that the state’s farmers have demonstrated the “extraordinary ability to increase yields while ensuring the preservation of our precious natural resources.”

The Governor says she hopes that the new EPA leadership will adhere to promises made by President Trump to protect the RFS and grow demand for “our homegrown fuels.”

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