Grassley: FBI Should Say Whether It Listened To Recordings About Allegations Against Biden

Washington, DC — Republican Senator Chuck Grassley says he has seen a document that alleges a paid FBI informant was told a Ukrainian had recorded 17 phone calls with Hunter and Joe Biden.

A 10-23 is the number on the forms FBI agents use to write down information from confidential sources. The filled out form Grassley is referring to was shown to members of the House Oversight Committee last week in a secure room, with sections redacted. Grassley says he and the chairman of the House Oversight Committee saw the document earlier, when references to the recordings were visible.

Grassley says Congress doesn’t know if the FBI listened to the recordings.

The allegations were made in 2020. The top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee has said officials in the Trump Administration found no evidence to support the bribery allegations. Last week, President Biden called the allegations malarkey. In a Senate speech, Grassley said a recording was used in the indictment against former President Trump and Grassley asked what the US Attorney investigating Hunter Biden is doing with the recordings referred to in the FBI’s 2020 memo.