Healthcare, Nursing Homes Struggle To Find Employees

Sheldon, Iowa — Shortages in personnel seem to be affecting nearly every industry. And unfortunately, that includes healthcare and nursing homes.

We talked with Sanford Sheldon CEO Rick Nordahl, and he confirms it’s been somewhat of a struggle.

He says he’s not sure how much of the situation can be blamed on the pandemic.

Nordahl tells us potential employees face other issues as well.

He says some healthcare and nursing home employees have resigned due to the higher stress levels of being busy all the time. He says the industry used to have more peaks and valleys in their schedule, but he says many people have been running hard for nearly two years now.

Other experts are even saying some of the staffing issues in various industries could also just be due to the fact that baby boomers are retiring and there aren’t enough younger workers to take their places.

Nordahl also took the opportunity to remind people to help curb the pandemic by getting vaccinated, practicing good hand hygiene, and wearing a mask if they are comfortable doing so.

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