Heat Wave Coming To A Close Soon

Northwest, Iowa — People of northwest Iowa have been dealing with some extremely hot temperatures these past couple of weeks, but thankfully, the temperatures will soon start to cool off.

Brad Adams, the Observing Program Leader at the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls, says that we are almost through with the hot weather.

(as said) “We’re kind of at the tail end of this heat wave. so people are gonna get some relief , and won’t have to worry about following safety rules.”

Adams continues to break down exactly what to expect for the weekend.

(as said) “Today (Thursday, August 27th) is probably gonna be the last hot day.” Says Adams, “Defiantly cooler trends building in here for the next several days. You guys will still be in the eighties for tomorrow and Saturday, but looks like around eighty on Saturday, so cooler than what we’ve had, and low to mid eighties on Sunday, and then, believe it or not, highs in the lower seventies for Monday.”

Adams also talked about potential rainfall in northwest Iowa to help quench the ongoing drought in the region.

(as said) “Well there is a threat for some storms this evening, and through the overnight hours, and that includes portions of Northwest Iowa. Right now, not gonna get a ton of rain down that way. Looks like it’s gonna be mainly along and north of I-90, but could be a couple of tents here through say 6, 8 am tomorrow morning, for the storms tonight, and then we do have an additional chance again, Primarily Sunday night, and for amount there could be pretty decent. Amounts into Monday morning maybe half to an inch, something like that.”

While significant amounts of rain MAY be in the forecast for the area in the coming days, the sweltering temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately will be leaving us. At least, for a while.



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