Iowa State University Extension Experts Inform, Educate

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach helps carry Iowa State’s land-grant mission beyond campus, to be the university that best serves the citizens of Iowa. With Iowa State University, Extension embraces the land-grant philosophy of:

  • access to high-quality education
  • research applied to the needs of Iowa, the nation, and world
  • extending knowledge to strengthen Iowa’s economy and citizens’ quality of life

Iowa State University Extension does that by offering practical, how-to education based on powerful university research. It’s available to any resident of Iowa and is tailored to meet the needs of Iowans, needs we know firsthand.  Extension educators, specialists, and volunteers live and work in all 99 Iowa counties.

We have talked to four different Extension specialists in October, and here are those programs.

First of all we talked to Jan Burk, who talked to us about a financial workshop for women.

Jan Burk also took the second slot, and we talked about a class called, “Your Money, Your Future”.

Next, it was Margaret Murphy’s turn.  We talked about the Master Gardener Program.

Finally, we spoke with Extension Crop Field Specialist, Joel De Jong.  He gave us a harvest wrap-up; we talked about sub-soil moisture, and we touched on a couple of other topics.

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