Ireton Man Sentenced to Prison

Orange City, Iowa — An Ireton man has been sentenced to prison for sexual crimes.

In a news release Wednesday, the Sioux County Attorney’s Office reports that on Monday, December 4, 24-year-old Barret Eugene Vonk of Ireton, was sentenced in Sioux County District Court.

Vonk was the center of an investigation in January of 2022, when the Sheriff’s Office received a report of a sexual assault occurring in Sioux County. Later in May, the Sheriff’s Office filed charges of Sexual Abuse, a Class C Felony, against Vonk who was arrested on June 9 and later released. Then on June 10, the following day, Story County authorities filed Sexual Abuse charges against Vonk for an unrelated incident occurring at Iowa State University. The ISU case proceeded to a jury trial where Vonk was found guilty in March of this year, and on September 5, Vonk was sentenced in Story County to an indeterminate term of incarceration not to exceed 10 years.

On Monday, Vonk accepted a plea agreement whereby he pled guilty to Assault With Intent to Commit Sexual Abuse. Vonk was sentenced to serve a separate 2-year prison term, criminal fines, lifetime placement on the sex offender registry, and an extension of the No Contact Order with the victim. After Vonk’s sentence expires, Vonk was further ordered to be supervised for 10-years as if on parole.

(Courtesy fellow Community First Broadcasting station KSOU in Sioux Center)



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