John Kooiker Talks About His Candidacy For Iowa House District 4

Boyden, Iowa — Major party candidates have been chosen by both parties for the District 4 State House seat left empty by the death of Dwayne Alons.
John Kooiker croppedJohn Kooiker of Boyden has been selected as the Republican candidate.

We had a chance to speak with Kooiker. He says his background is in education, agriculture, and the military.

So, says Kooiker, that’s what they did.

Kooiker says while he does have a lot of volunteer experience, his only previous political experience is on the Sioux County Soil and Water Conservation District Board. He says he served as a commissioner several years ago for six years and has now been serving in that capacity again for the past five years.

We asked him why he’s running.

He says his connection with Alons didn’t stop there, it continued on the day of the Representative’s funeral.

Kooiker says he won’t say that he’s the best.

While Kooiker is a Republican, he says he would represent all people in the district .

The special election will be held this coming Tuesday, January 6th, 2015.

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