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Where is Katie?

Pueblo, Colorado — The racers in the TV reality show “The Great Grass Race” completed the first four weeks of their journey from Los Angeles to New York City this past Friday, celebrating the four-week and 1,000 miles completed with a stop in Pueblo, Colorado.

The 1,000 miles of the trip that has been completed marks the first 1/3 of the total journey for the 6 teams of two. The racers have encountered lawn mower breakdowns along the road, but also have found generous people along their quest to repair their trusty steel steeds, and provide food, water, gas and a place to sleep for the teams.

One of the most appreciated gestures was from a man in Albuquerque, New Mexico who opened his Air BnB to the teams at no charge, allowing them to spend a night in beds, rather than the sleeping bags on the ground or on their trailers, as they have become accustomed.

The stop in Albuquerque led the teams to the Petroglyph National Monument with Team Pink, consisting of Sheldon native Katie Knight and her partner Tiffany Gill, which came in second to Team Red in reaching the monument.  At that time the teams were presented with three petroglyphs that they had to decipher and arrange into a familiar phase. Knight and Gill were the first team to complete the task, and were the winners of that day’s challenge. In case you’re wondering, a petroglyph is defined as “a rock carving, especially a prehistoric one.”

There was some contention between the members of Team Pink as they passed through the mountains about Gill putting the mower’s transmission in neutral to gain speed going down hill, but the two ladies talked it out and moved on.

The Great Grass Race is comprised of six, two-person teams, and are on their way to New York City, having now completed more than a third of the distance they’ll travel across the United States. Along the way contestants aren’t allowed money or supplies, but must beg, borrow, barter, or work for gasoline, drinking water, food, and anything else they need to complete their cross-country trip.

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