Lakes And Rivers Expected To Be Busy For The Holiday

Statewide Iowa — State parks and lakes have been busy in the first holidays since things reopened after the pandemic and that is expected to continue once again for the Fourth of July.

DNR boating law administrator, Susan Stocker, says some people are already off for the weekend and things will be crowded.

Stocker says you should do a thorough check of your boat before heading out including a count to be sure there is a life jacket for everyone.

Stocker says an accident can happen quickly and you can be thrown from a boat.

Stocker says one thing you don’t need if you are driving a boat is alcohol.

Using fireworks is governed by local jurisdictions but Stocker says one rule is to keep them off the boat.

She says those gas vapors and fumes can catch the boat on fire or cause an explosion if the fireworks are lit. Stocker says state conservation officers will be out looking for violations and helping keep everyone safer during the holiday.

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