Meeting To Address Agriculture Environmental Concerns

Maurice, Iowa — A special free seminar about the environment and how to stave off environmental regulation of the agriculture industry is scheduled for Tuedsay, July 21st near Maurice.
The name of the event is a mouthful. It’s the West Branch of the Floyd River Water Quality Initiative Field Day. But it’s for everyone, not just those who live in the West Branch Floyd watershed, says Becca Meerdink, who told us about the event.

She says this very important field day and the topics to be discussed affect all involved in agriculture throughout the Iowa. The core of this field day, she says is centered around the Iowa Water Quality Initiative, which is a coordinated effort by those involved in agriculture to reduce nutrient loads to our rivers, streams and to the Gulf of Mexico from sources such as agriculture. The Iowa Water Quality Initiative has been touted as “the last ditch effort to stave off environmental regulation of the agricultural industry” and a number of topics discussed will address these issues.

She says everyone is invited.

She says it will be a morning of discussion on conservation, changing consumer demands, and how the Des Moines Water Works lawsuit and the EPA Waters of the US rule will impact farm operations.

She tells us about the speakers.

The meeting is at the Maasen Dairy Farm, two miles east of Maurice on B58. Again, it is free, and a free lunch is provided as well.

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8:30 am: Registration

9:00 am: Welcome

9:05 am: Keynote: Del Holzer (Elanco Animal Health)

“What our Consumers Expect of Us”

10:00 am: Breakout Session 1: Nitrogen

Demonstrations: Cover Crops, Root Pit, Hagie Y-Drop and more

10:40 am: Breakout Session 2: Phosphorous

Demonstrations: No-till, Root Pit and more

11:30 am: Dinner (provided)

11:45 am: Keynote: Kristine Tidgren (ISU Center of Ag Law & Taxation )

“Implications of the Des Moines Water Works Lawsuit & EPA’s WOTUS Ruling

12:30 pm: Adjourn/Questions/Inspect Equipment