NCC To Break Ground On New Healthcare Programs Building

Sheldon, Iowa — Construction is set to begin soon on a new building on the campus of Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon.

The new building will be an expansion of NCC’s various healthcare programs and will include the construction of the first two story classroom building on the NCC campus. College Vice President of Finance and Operations Mark Brown says the plan calls for a two-pronged project.

(As above) “It is not only new construction, but it will be some very significant renovation of our existing space, as well. So as we expand some of our classrooms and move some programs there’ll be a fair amount of work that needs to be done on our existing space and we’re moving some programs around, also, in the existing space, so it really will be a two-pronged project of new construction and the renovation of the old.”

He says the new construction will offer room for future expansion, especially on the second floor, and initially, he says, four of the college’s programs will be affected.

(As above) “The four programs that will be impacted in the short term will be our Nursing program, our Radiologic Technician program, this new construction will have space for our CNA program, we’re training lots of CNAs in our area. And the fourth program will be our Emergency Services Program….there’ll be some dedicated space with some related technology and classrooms for that. So, there is a wide-sweeping dynamic for four different programs with this project, so we’re looking forward to that.”

Brown says the expansion is necessary to accommodate a growing number of students wanting to enroll in NCC’s various healthcare related programs.

(As above) “This new construction will allow for some expansion, particularly in the Nursing program, to accommodate based upon the branding that program, and others, have been able to accomplish. There is a lot of interest and in some cases some waiting lists. Pass rates and the completion rates, that is getting your way through the program and then ultimately employment in our area, are all very, very high. So that speaks well to the program and to the instructors and to the quality of the educational space.”

Brown says the project is slated to begin soon.

(As above) “Construction will start this spring. We are expecting that the new construction and the entire renovation process will be completed by December of 2022.”

Brown says the project will begin with the construction of the new building. Once that is completed, students will be moved into that facility while the current space is renovated. He says the total cost of the project, complete with landscaping, furnishings and technology will be around $9-million.

Hoogendorn Construction was the low bidder and will serve as General Contractor for the construction and renovation project.

Below area architect’s drawings of the new Healthcare Programs building at Northwest Iowa Community College………………




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