New Free Tool Nudges Iowans To Live Healthy

Des Moines, Iowa — A new online tool has been created to help gauge the well-being of Iowans and “nudge” Iowans to make improvements. Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds is encouraging Iowa businesses, communities and schools to use it.
iowa healthiest state initiative

(as said) “This assessment tool is a great resource for those who want to seek change and positively impact the health of our state, but they may not know where to start,” Reynolds says. “The assessment tool will provide immediate feedback on opportunities for improvement and access to resources that will help support those improvements.”

Jami Haberl is executive director of the Healthiest State Initiative, which led the effort to create this test.

(as said )”Being healthy extends beyond physical activity and nutrition,” Haberl says, “and it includes other factors such as tobacco and substance abuse, dental health, community engagement and emotional health. In the tool you’ll find questions about all of these areas.”

A number of Iowa schools and businesses have already taken the assessment as part of a pilot project. Answers are scored and provide immediate feedback on how Iowa schools, workplaces and communities support or put up roadblocks to the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual health of Iowans.

The online tool, which is free, is available at

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