New Scam Making The Rounds In Northwest Iowa

Sioux County, Iowa — A new scam that is circulating in our area where the caller states they are an investigator near international borders.

Sioux County authorities say in this recent scam, people receive a phone call from someone who claims to be an investigator near the Canadian or Mexican borders; the caller claims a car registered in the victim’s name was found with drugs and blood in it, and accounts in your name have been connected with drug cartels. The intent of these scammers is to frighten you with these claims. These callers then ask you to verify your social security numbers and once you verify your number, begin asking questions about accounts, credit cards and 401Ks.

Sioux County authorities remind you to not converse with these callers or give them any of your personal information; hang up immediately. If you have any concerns, verify them with your local police department or Sioux County Sheriff’s Office.

KIWA file photo

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