November Is Diabetes Awareness Month; Expert: Not All Carbs Are Created Equal

Sheldon, Iowa — November is Diabetes Awareness Month. And Thanksgiving is a good time to think about how much you’re eating, which might affect your diabetes.

We talked to Sanford Sheldon Physician Dr. Ryan Becker. He reminds us what diabetes is.

He tells us who’s at risk for Type II Diabetes and what to do about it.

He says diabetes isn’t the sentence it used to be. He says if you can limit your carbohydrates or “carbs,” lose weight, exercise, and take any medication prescribed to you, you should be able to manage it pretty well. Dr. Becker says diabetics need to remember that not all “carbs” are created equal. The complex carbohydrates are preferable, due to the fiber.

Becker advises that they have some helpful literature for diabetics and pre-diabetics at Sanford Sheldon, but they also have a dietitian you can talk to who can help you find the right foods for you.

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