O’Brien County Veterans Affairs Office Open And Ready To Serve Vets

O’Brien County, Iowa — Veterans in O’Brien County should know that there is a county Veterans Affairs office at the courthouse in Primghar, to help you with any issues you may have with the VA.

COVID affected the VA as it did everybody, but things are getting better and the Veteran’s Affairs Office stands at the ready to help veterans and their families in obtaining the, county, state and federal benefits to which they are entitled.

The Director of the O’Brien County Veterans Affairs office, Roy Wohlert, says there are a multitude of issues that he helps with, but there are a few with which he works most.

The second major issue, Wohlert says, is sometimes linked to the first.

He also says he gets a lot of people seeking help with their VA pensions.

In addition to these three topics, Wohlert says there are many more topics his office can help vets with.

If you need assistance or just more information, contact the O’Brien County Veterans Affairs Office by calling 712-957-0031, or by calling Wohlert’s cell phone at 712-344-2268. You can also email him at

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