O’Brien Supervisors Poised To Enact “Jake Brake” Ordinance

O’Brien County, Iowa — The O’Brien County Supervisors have been considering the adoption of an ordinance that limits the use of “Jake Brakes” a little further from the incorporated areas of O’Brien County, where asked. A Public Hearing was held on Tuesday July 21st about the matter. On July 14th John Putnam attended the meeting to share his concerns with the supervisors. He stated that his position about the “Jake Brakes” is that the board is really addressing noise, not the use of engine brakes.

Sheriff Allan Schuknecht attended on July 21st, taking the position that this ordinance doesn’t hurt anything. One concern that has been expressed by Supervisor Dennis Vanden Hull about this ordinance is the safety issue. Schuknecht reiterated that the ordinance clearly exempts use of the engine braking system when used for safety reasons saying, “Proper enforcement is not an issue. If used for safety – no officer will write a ticket.” He added that he believes the ordinance is both enforceable and he is in favor of it. He also noted that where these brakes are used, “it is a matter of respect. I don’t think it is too much to ask truckers not to use their ‘Jake Brakes'” (within a mile of an incorporated area of the county where it’s posted).

An enforceable area of O’Brien County will be posted. Posting will be done only by request and approved by resolution of the supervisors. The ordinance is not for use throughout the county. It is only for use where the use of “Jake Brakes” causes noise disturbance within a city.

The first reading of the ordinance was passed by the board.

Story courtesy of our News Partner, the O’Brien County Bell-Times-Courier newspaper.

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